Natural skin & body essentials

The Natalie Group is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of natural skin and body care, home fragrance, spa and well being products, aromatherapy and essential oils. Founded in 1987 the development and evolution of all Natalie Group products are influenced by the belief that plants, specifically plant essences have natural therapeutic, restorative and regenerative properties.

Where nature meets science, NAT. has tapped into the heart of plants, drawing only the best essences from botanicals that nurture and heal. Combining these with scientific research and cutting edge technology, their formulas are proven to improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. If naturally healthy, radiant and glowing skin is of prime importance to you, then, the NAT.FACE skincare regime provides the natural solution and the promise of great skin.

Providing a unique beauty experience, restoring harmony to body,
mind & senses with professional care in a ladies only salon.